Our programs introduce beginners to the sport of rowing, while providing regular training opportunities to intermediate and advanced rowers. In partnership with NMC, TACR also provides indoor instruction and training during fall and winter. Outdoor rowing programs are taught on Boardman Lake, with participants assembling at Hull Park Launch. All ages and fitness levels are welcome (14 and older recommended) with hardship rates available. For additional information, please email Also please check out our partners: The TC Tritons High School and Middle School rowing programs!

Winter Training

In partnership with Elite Fitness North, TACR offers indoor training in the Fall and Winter:

Elite Fitness North
1209 South Garfield Avenue Suite A
Traverse City, MI 49686

Participants are coached on Concept 2 rowing machines, with video review of technique on select nights. Whether a competitive or recreational rower, and regardless of the sport or current fitness level, provides a great workout routine.

November 5 - February 1Mon/Wed6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
November 5 - February 1Tue/Thu6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
February 4 - April 19Mon/Wed6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
February 4 - April 19Tue/Thu6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

8 participants
2 weekday evenings over 11 weeks
Additional classes scheduled based on demand
No experience required

Learn To Row

This 3-hour class is for beginners with no prior rowing experience. This “bucket list” class provides an initial exposure to sweep rowing (rowing with a single oar), which can be further developed in a Novice Sweep class. Lessons are first taught on land and then water, with participants learning terms like: feathering, square blade, foot stretcher and rigger. The only requirement is being open to learning a new sport.

8 – 16 participants
No experience required

Novice Sweep I

This class is for Learn To Row graduates and is also a great refresher for those who haven’t rowed in a few years. It further covers the basics of sweep rowing in an eight-person rowing shell, developing each participant’s rowing fundamentals in a fun group environment. Upon completion, rowers may advance to either Novice Sweep II or Novice Scull.

8 participants
Learn to Row or previous experience required

Novice Sweep II

This class is for Novice Sweep I graduates, and teaches additional fundamentals of sweep rowing, with participants working towards all eight rowing in unison. Coaches will determine when a rower is ready for the next level. But typically takes a full summer to establish the required muscle memory.

8 participants
Novice Sweep I or previous experience required

Novice Scull

Sculling is done with two oars and allows for greater independence as it provides the opportunity to row on your own. Participants will learn sculling basics: how to embark on the water, rowing, navigation, and maintaining shell stability. TACR is committed to creating a safe, fun environment for new scullers. And upon completion, participants may pursue a certification in sculling using the TACR “buddy” system.

4 participants
Novice Sweep or equivalent experience required

Other Novice Scull classes will be arranged based on demand. If you are interested in sculling, please email

Advanced Sweep

For those who want the “rubber hitting the road” or, in rowing terms, the blade cutting the water.  Athletes will be pushed to a higher level of performance by focusing on cardio endurance, precise technique, and race preparation. Participants will be time tested on the rowing machine and there will be seat races prior to regatta’s. Rowers will compete in various regattas throughout the state and often regionally as well.

8 – 16 participants
Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions
Intermediate Sweep or competitive rowing experience required