Heather Adle

Heather is a US Rowing Level II Coach. She began rowing in her 40’s and decided to put her teaching degree to continued use and help other Masters rowers learn the sport. Her love of being on the water in…

Todd Antrim

Sweep and Sculling Coach Todd Antrim began rowing after running into Coach Mike Stemo while helping at a Special Olympics erg event and has been improving his technique ever since.  (Thanks, Mike…it was a rough start!)  Todd happily helps as…

Danette Terzano

Erg Instructor Danette Terzano rowed for Carlson High School out of the Ecorse Boat Club on the first Junior Girls rowing team in the state of Michigan from 1986-1990.  She competed nationally and internationally, including at the Canadian Schoolboy and…

Cindy Diver

Erg Instructor Cindy Diver is a physical therapist in Traverse City. She has been rowing for five years and is a Certified Erg Instructor by UCanRow2. Cindy likes teaching the mechanics of rowing to help athletes consistently improve their technique…


Danette Terzano, President
Blythe Skarshaug, Vice President
Sarah Rossi, Secretary
Eric Fournier, Treasurer
Colton Schreur