Athlete of the Spring

Carol Alder!

My relationship with rowing began over twenty years ago when my husband brought home a rowing shell and oars that he found for sale at the side of a road. Cheap.  The equipment sat in the garage for about ten years until I found a learn-to-row where I gained the fundamentals. I have been trying to “master” the sport ever since. 

What does rowing mean to me? It means…Friendship. Fitness. Relaxation. Blisters. Callouses. Hard work. Fun. Being alone on the water. Being with your boat mates on the water.  Working together. Trying to be as one. Finding balance on the water, finding balance in life. Feeling exhausted after a workout. Feeling great after a workout.  Sweeping. Sculling (preferred).  Still water. Lake Leelanau, Boardman Lake, Long Lake and Grand Traverse Bay. Getting up early. Nine in a boat. Five in a boat. Four in a boat. Two in a boat. One in a boat. 
Meeting new people and building friendships beyond rowing.  I hope to see you on the water this season.