New Location for TACR

News update: TACR will be relocating with TC Tritons to Medalie Park as soon as rowing facilities are completed (dock, fenced enclosure, boat/oar racks constructed). Medalie Park is located on the southern end of Boardman Lake.

Our new location will see our program along with TC Tritons investing $17,000 in infrastructure including a 12′ wide by 64′ long floating dock that is accessible to the public, an enclosure to contain up to 36 boats on four boat racks, three oar racks capable of holding up to 216 oars and a 10′ wide by 15′ long modular equipment shed that could be expanded in the future. This meets our current needs and supports our 5-year growth plan.

Sponsorships and donations are being sought for this project. Donate $250 businesses or individuals and receive your name or business logo on our banner. Donate $500 and receive your name or logo imprinted on a dock plank of our new dock that will be located in Medalie park use by both rowing clubs and the general public. Make your donation through the TACR website and you will receive an e-mailed tax deductible receipt for your records.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity!

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